Food storage

Kitchens are the place where not only the food is cooked but lot of efforts, management skills and kitchen care is involved. There are different kinds of food and vegetables which are dealt in the kitchen in different ways and storing them is an important part of kitchen care. Do not ever store wet vegetables and fruits. Wipe them with soft and dry cloth before storing. Different fruits and vegetables should always be stored separately. Fruits and vegetables like strawberries and green leafy vegetables are best preserved by wrapping in newspapers. Green chilies must be stored by removing their stems and putting them in a perforated box. Vegetables like raw potatoes and onions should not be stored in the fridge as their aroma could rotten other things in the fridge. They should be stored in a dry place at room temperature. There are many kinds of vegetables and fruits bags available in the market which could be used for creating organized space in your kitchen.


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