Let's talk about how much I hate the idea of diet wine

Let's talk about how much I hate the idea of diet wine. Just on the basis of the spirit of wine (get it?), you shouldn't be thinking about your weight when drinking. You should be enjoying yourself! If you are watching your weight, in the immortal words of Nicole Byer, "Nobody wants to hear about your diet. Just shut up, eat your lettuce, and be sad."

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I am also suspicious of a wine that focuses on calorie count and not production methods, growing tradition or winemaking as an art.

But I'm always looking to try something new for the blog, so I picked up Bethenny Frankel's bottle of low-cal ros this week. With minimal side-eye.

And it's certainly a different ros than the ones I've been trying. The nose is pleasant, mostly juicy, reminding me of watermelon and raspberry. The first sip reveals that this is definitely not a dry ros, setting it apart from most of the other Ruby Tuesdays I've reviewed so far. In fact, this wine tastes more like juice, with sweet notes of strawberry, cherry, a little guava and that watermelon thing. I couldn't find any information on which wine varietals are actually in this wine either, so I'm sort of at a loss.

But I suppose if you're really set on a low-calorie alternative to your average glass of wine, you could always pair Skinnygirl with some low-cal lemon chicken breasts.

P.S. How many calories are in your average glass of wine?

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