The Potential for Abuse of Video Surveillance

Many people feel that they have a certain right to privacy and they are correct. As many celebrities have found out that privacy does not extend into the public area. So why should it for the regular citizen?

When celebrities are being chased by Paparazzi and they are out in the public, they have absolutely no right to privacy. I agree it is beyond annoying and I don't blame the likes of Sean Penn for punching them from time to time. I would probably do the same thing. The difference between paparazzi and regular video surveillance is that Video Surveillance is normally used as a tool to help monitor criminal activity and gather visual evidence if there is a crime committed. If these cameras are placed in an area that covers a public area, then there is no right to privacy under these conditions. If they are placed in areas where a person can expect a reasonable right to privacy, well then we have another matter.

This is where video surveillance can get a bad rap. Under normal circumstances video surveillance is used for it's intended purposes, but adds the wrong element and it can spell disaster. Many a landlord has been caught using video surveillance to record their tenants within the homes they are renting. Their tenants are recorded when they sleep, when they eat, when the shower, and when they use the restroom. All of these places are where a person should have the ultimate privacy and it should not be violated. It is the bad element or person that can take a tool intended to help keep people safe and turn it into a tool to violate privacy. In these cases, people should feel violated and these violators should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Where people take a wrong turn though is equating this type of violation with regular video surveillance out in public areas.

Video surveillance isn't inherently designed to invade privacy. Its function is to protect and ensure a level of monitoring not achievable through man power alone. There many tools we have that are designed to protect the greater good but like anything they can be abused and used for ill rather than their intended purpose. People need to remember that the next time a child is found because of video surveillance rather than the minute chance they are caught with their pants down.

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