Embarrassingly simple meals

I kept this meal embarrassingly simple and added a pack of steam in the bag frozen veggies. In the hopes that this would be toddler-friendly. I've never used these, so I'm hoping these worked out.

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For various reasons, I don't usually gift alcohol. Instead, I included a bottle of Martinelli's. Because new babies are always a cause for celebration. And Martinelli's screams, "SPECIAL OCCASION!!!" to me.

I am pretty much in love with Kind bars AND ber bars. I kept these around because postpartum and nursing metabolism catches my blood sugar off guard, and I can go from "fine" to "not fine" really easily. The ber bars we're on sale, so I added these in and also some kid snack bars because I know it's tough to have a hungry toddler when mama is busy figuring out a feeding schedule.

These particular friends are also from the Portland, OR area, so I picked this chocolate bar with that detail in mind.

Kinda the most important part: baked chicken breast, very lightly seasoned, in a disposable container. Last thing I'd want to do is add dish and return duty to their plate.

I snapped this photo just seconds before leaving. But I PROMISE there is chicken under that steamed-up lid!

Ta-da! Embarrassingly simple but this is something I challenge myself to do (and actually DO it and not just relegate it to the land of good intentions) now because I have experienced the love that poured through all the meals we have been blessed to receive ourselves. What little touches do you add to taken meals? What little touches have you appreciated? Go link up!

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