What model did I choose?

LG WM3470 4.0 Cu. Ft. Ultra Large Capacity TurboWash with Steam Technology, Graphite Steel

I did a TON of research and settled on this washer as the best compromise of price (in my case on sale for $800), capacity, features, and "Brand Reliability." LG scores well with reliability, although there are some horror stories about some of their top-load washers (see the videos on the #1 ranked video web site search "LG washer exploding".) Samsung and LG are about head-to-head in reliability and features, although in technology, Samsung might be a bit ahead they have a washer now with an 8 touch screen which handles all functions and is wi-fi enabled. But it's also about $300-$500 more expensive than this LG WM3470HWA washer.

This is one of the top-rated models according to a well-known consumer testing agency. It also scores well on websites which sell a lot of appliances you can search for the results yourself.

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The washing experience is great. Tons of options when it comes to choosing what cycles to use for which clothes. The 4.0 cubic feet rating means it can wash a LOT of clothes in one load. It has the TurboWash feature which can get a load finished in about 25 minutes, if the soil level is not too bad and you are in a hurry. The 1200 RPM spin speed means many clothes come out virtually DRY. Polyester polo shirts? Practically dry. I washed a thin blanket and it went straight from the washer right onto my bed just slightly damp.

You want to be cautious if you have this on a second-level-or-higher wooden floor, as the spin cycle can get noisy for people below. There are rubber "vibration reduction feet" you can buy on this website if you need them. On a lower-level concrete floor, you'll be fine.

One other common issue with this washer seems to be "water hammer" problems. With older plumbing, or higher water pressure than normal, this washer might cause your pipes to "bang" or make noises when it fires it's internal water jets during the wash cycle. This can be easily solved with $20 worth of "water hammer arrestors" which can be purchased at most hardware stores, and also here on Amazon. I bought myself a pair of them, since my apartment complex is "older" and I just wanted to make sure this problem did not bother either myself or the neighbors. So far, I have heard NO pipe sounds with the arrestors installed. The go on at the back of the washer, between the water hose and the washer. You can web search and find all this information.

I did buy a 5-yr extended warranty to cover myself in case of problems, but the warranty was very inexpensive. The motor is warrantied by LG for 10 years, the stainless steel tub for lifetime, and all else for 1 year.

I'm only giving this washer 4 stars because of the potential for water hammer noise and the fact that it might not be perfect for laundry rooms on the second floor or above which have wooden floors. As far as performance and how much I love it, 5 stars for sure !!!

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