A Good Foundation

I decided to tear the shed down. Eventually I could build something nicer, when money was flowing a little more freely. In the meantime Eva was very excited to hit something with a hammer as hard as I can! until she realized how much work demolition actually was. After that she made a great cheerleader from the trampoline.

Suddenly the yard was bigger! We painted the garage (Eva was a great help). The old opening between the garage and she'd became the final resting spot for a six hundred dollar mistake I'd made a couple of years before while placing a window order.

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And still, the good weather prevailed.

This is the problem with being a carpenter: either you're too busy with work, or you're out of work. I had the time to start building but couldn't justify spending money on materials until the next job came through. I couldn't let the good weather go to waste. What could I do?

It turned out there we're enough cement blocks in the garage to line the foundation. I secured Pressure Treated boards and concrete anchor bolts by ransacking the house for materials to return to Home Depot. Then I dug into the pile of scrap lumber I'd been amassing through the past season of carpentry. It was enough to frame the walls.

Just as I was hanging the windows (removed from the house of a Nike employee some years previously) the weather returned. And I ran out of materials. Besides a roll of Tyvek house wrap the rest of my stockpile consisted of finish materials: Pergot flooring, wood wall paneling, outlet boxes and switches.

I had grand plans. They would come to fruition eventually, but this was not the day. It was time to turn my attention back to paying jobs, indoor activities, and any opportunities to amass a new stash of materials.

Id started another project. It might be months, or years, until it was finished. But if a long journey begins with a small step, a building big or little begins with a good foundation. And I had one.

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