Sometimes fruit and veggies just won't do it

Sometimes fruit and veggies just won't do it when you're craving something warm and satisfying. For a snack, toast a whole wheat English muffin and melt some cheese on top. 1 oz of cheese is equivalent to one string cheese. If you want a fun and satisfying snack, transform your english muffin into a pizza! English Muffin Pizzas aren't just for kids anymore. These satisfying little pizzas will squash any pizza craving without all that grease and fat.

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Weigth Loss Tip of the Week

Dont talk on the telephone & eat at the same time. Always sit down to eat & savor every bite so you don't feel unsatisfied. This also goes for all of you who eat while watching TV or while reading a book, or even having an intense conversation!Researchers found that diners who are distracted while having a meal consume far more unhealthy snack food afterwards than those who are paying close attention to what they eat.The diners who felt least hungry following their meal we're those who had focused closely on the flavour, texture and appearance of the food as they ate.

Weekend Survival Tip of the Week

Just because it's the weekend doesn't mean you should take off from your weight loss initiatives. It's just as important to work out on the weekends, if not more important. Since you may be going out to dinner, or heading out to a cocktail party, you will probably be consuming more than you do on a really weekday. Work it off with these 30 minute exercises without even having to leave the house.

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