A Morning Ritual

Do you leave it until the last minute to get up, leaving yourself no time for breakfast?

Do you exercise in the morning or drink any water first thing?

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These are all things that you should do and should be part of your Morning Ritual .

A morning ritual should be something that you do every morning, it's your routine for what time you get up every morning and for what you do first thing after you get up.

I used to have a morning ritual, but for the last 2 years nearly I have let it slip. Getting into bad habits like staying in bed for an extra half an hour, checking emails first thing in bed, checking things on Facebook or reading the newspaper online. Then sometimes that half an hour could turn into an hour, not a good start to the day at all!

Then after this the normal feeling that I would get once I get stuck into work properly would be "Dam ive just wasted the last hour with all that stuff".

And then when you are trying to get things finished in the evening and your are running a little late it's always "If only I had of started an hour earlier I would be finished now"!

We only have so many hours in the day to get work done, so making the most of them and being super productive with your time is very important. Especially if you are running your own business and have a lot on your cards.

From this morning I just started my new morning ritual, that I will be doing now Monday Friday. I will also do it Saturday, but not as early!

You should have each of these below in your morning ritual :

1. Get up Earlier I get up at 7.45am every morning. I know it's not that early, but my wife gets up at that time and I find it plenty early for me to get things done!

2. Drink Water Make sure to drink at least 2 pints of water first thing. We wake up dehydrated so this will kick you into gear and increase energy levels over time. Coffee is only a very short lived increase in energy, water is much more needed.

3. Eat a Healthy Breakfast If you want your energy levels to stay up through out the day, you need to be fueling on the right food. I sometimes have a healthy shake for breakfast or porridge and a banana and two pints of water.

4. Exercise To really wake up the body, you can't do anything better than a bit of exercise. In my routineI will be swimming for two mornings a week, going to the gym two mornings and running two mornings. I will also vary a little with some crossfit classes or TRX classes instead of the swimming or running. Its always good to vary your workout and keep the body guessing.

5. Plan your day I will be doing a productivity sheet every morning, listing all the items I need to get through that day. Listing the items I need to do in my business that day, people I need to reach out to and the priorities for the day. Tick off everything you get done then that day and carry things you don't to the next day.

Of course I know it's very easy to be to have a morning ritual when I work for myself and don't have to travel to work. But honestly, it really is worth it even if you have to get up very early. You will feel great after a few mornings, increase your energy levels and be far more productive in your work.

Why not give it a go and see how you find it?

I will give a little report once a week to how mine is going and what it's improving for me.

Look forward to hearing how yours is going, please do comment below and let me know?

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